Are you creating or working with complex 3D models?
Do you have any problems with:

vizup 3D model simplification reduces model complexity


Are your models unnecessarily complex or oversampled?
vizup 3D decimation reduces storage and bandwidth requirements


Does it take too long to render and take too much space to store?
vizup 3D optimization for on-line visualization


Are you unhappy with the visual quality?

Vizup™ Ultimate 3D model optimization technology
will help you with:

vizup high-quality polygon reduction

High Quality Polygon Reduction and Mesh Optimization - to reduce model complexity


  • The best possible balance between the model size and desired level of detail
  • Reduces number of polygons up to 100 times while keeping the visual quality
  • Increases upload/download performance by reducing the model's size
  • Decimates millions of polygons in seconds with low memory footprint
  • Intelligent handling of shape boundaries and visual attributes

  • Optimization:

  • Merges adjoining shapes or shapes with same material, removes mesh gaps and overlaps
  • Recalculates and refines normals
  • Custom profiles for CAD/CAM, simulation, GIS, architecture, medical application, etc

  • Instant LOD (Level of Detail) generation - to increase visualization speed and reduce memory consumption

  • The best possible balance between the number of triangles and required level of details
  • One-step simultaneous computation for the complete LOD-chain
  • increases rendering performance and reduces models size
  • Dynamic selection of LOD ratio
  • vizup 3D optimization for on-line visualization

    Exquisite Visualization - to control optimization and present your work

  • High quality visualization with color and texture support
  • Visual control during model optimization
  • OpenGL and WebGL viewers
  • Support for STL, OBJ, PLY and VRML file formats
  • vizup mesh simplification for architecture
    vizup polygon reduction for animation
    vizup mesh reduction for CAD models
    vizup 3D model decimation and optimization for GIS