Announce: Vizup SDK - new version released

Vizup SDK - high quality polygon reduction toolkit

Features recent functionality enhancements and performance improvements:

  • High-quality mesh repair and optimization extension for Reality Capture and 3D Printing applications
  • 3D optimization engine improvements for complex model structures
  • Multi-resolution LOD-chain compression for web and mobile visualization
  • Built-in OBJ support and streamlined "triangle soup" handling for STL and non-indexed meshes
  •     Evaluation versions

    Vizup Desktop™

    Complete 3D model optimization solution for your desktop
    Built-in 3D viewer for visual control during model decimation
    Supports OBJ, VRML and STL file formats

    Vizup SDK™

    Drop in solution to incorporate advanced 3D model optimization and polygon reduction technology into existing or new software applications
    Rich and straightforward C++ API

    Educational, non-profit and multi-user licenses are available. Please contact for licensing details.

    Case studies

    Vizup mesh optimization for GrabCAD 3D View


    Vizup optimization helps CAD designers to reduce 3D models by 90-95% without any visual quality degradation.


    "You have the best 3D decimation out there by far for the price..."

    Jeff Williams, Raytheon PS

    "Good visual feedback and a sophisticated algorithm combine..."

    James Holmes, Madhouse Media