Vizup Desktop™

complete 3D mesh simplification solution for your desktop

  • High-quality polygon count reduction
  • Built-in 3D viewer for visual control
  • Batch mode reduction and optimization
  • Supports OBJ, VRML and STL file formats

Vizup SDK™

OEM solution to integrate advanced 3D optimization into your applications

  • Superb mesh repair and decimation for large models
  • Rich and straightforward C++ API
  • Scalable 64-bit architecture with low memory footprint
  • Advanced support for visual attributes and textures

Vizup Web™

SaaS solution for 3D mesh repair and optimization

  • Reduces models with billions triangles
  • Cloud based, platform independent
  • RESTful 3D Optimization API
  • WebGL interactive 3D visualization

Ultimate Vizup technology

vizup high-quality polygon reduction

High Quality Polygon Decimation

Reduces the number of polygons up to 100 times while keeping the visual quality.
Intelligent handling of shape boundaries, non-continious textures and visual attributes.

vizup multi resolution LOD generation

Instant LOD-chain generation

The best possible balance between the number of triangles and required level of details.
One-step simultaneous computation for all levels of detail

vizup multi resolution LOD streaming

Exquisite Visualization

Visual control for the optimization process
Multi-resolution representations for on-line and mobile visualization

What's new?


Vizup SDK Linux-x64 version released

The Linux release features the same functionality as the Windows version with on par or better performance and memory consumption. The SDK Linux version is targeted towards cloud-based 3D SaaS solutions and helps to reduce the cost of VM instances.

Vizup SDK for Geospatial Data processing

The first Vizup SDK maintenance update brings enhanced support for Virtual Reality, BIM/GIS, Architecture, LiDAR and 3D scanner data sets.

Vizup signed reseller agreement with Novedge

Novedge LLC, the leading online store for design, graphics, and manufacturing software will distribute the whole line of Vizup 3D mesh optimization products including Vizup SDK, and Vizup Desktop applications.